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and another one. see previous post for context.

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Danke an alle, die gestern dabei waren und diese Aktion möglich gemacht haben! Es ist so krass, was wir gemeinsam auf die Beine gestellt haben 🙌🏼💚 Wir haben der Politik nun wieder gezeigt, dass es so nicht weiter geht. Wir akzeptieren nicht weiter diese unzureichende Klimapolitik!
#fighteverycrisis 💥

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Deeply impressed by the energy and organisational skills, that these young activists brought up.

We sure appreciate, that they had use for some aerials as well. A lot of thanks goes out to the several state agencies, which helped getting the permissions done. You might hear about bureaucracy in germany, but this is a perfect example, of individuals within these agencies, who actively helped getting things done. Thanks a lot to our documentary director Kathrin Pitterling and DP Boris Fromageot who got us involved into this interesting project. Drone Cam Op @benissl, pilot @stefanmueller42

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#fighteverycrisis 🙌🏼💚 Das war unser 5.Globaler Klimastreik 💥💥 Danke an alle die uns insgesamt über 10.000 Plakate für diese krasse Aktion gegeben haben!🔥

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@kodak_shootfilm thanks again for still making film!

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Paris-based Director @julienxxnxx and DP @thomasrigade teamed up to shoot two campaigns for Louis Vuitton on 35mm and two for Hugo Boss on 16mm - including film on a drone rig for the FW18 shoot. See more behind the scenes in our IG story or watch some of their final work on the Kodak Motion Picture Film Facebook and Twitter accounts. #ShotOnFilm

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We can't wait either!
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We can’t wait! THE GIRL IN THE SPIDER’S WEB opens in theaters in November. Filmed at #StudioBabelsberg.
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Coming in after a beautiful sunset scene. We love this #tmotor propulsion setup, gives us up to 15 min. airtime with the #alexamini camera. Also the @airscouter from brother helps a lot with piloting while flying low above the water.

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new trailer online. we had the privilege to fly for the amazing dp @pedroluque and dir @iamfedealvarez earlier this year. @studiobabelsberg @arri @arri_rental

thanks to our lovely crew @benissl @kj.goldblatt @norwin.ha @mitch_o @gimbalninja @copterart

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Claire Foy is the #GirlintheSpidersWeb. Watch the trailer for the next chapter of the Dragon Tattoo series now. 11.9.18

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Something is going into Season 2 this year. #Winden @arri_rental #netflix #droneglobe ...

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Speeding @hawkanamorphic through the woods. Thanks again @moviecamcar and Dietmar for the ride on that lovely Citroen. @norwin.ha @mitch_o #nycdff @mcctobi @arri @cinematogr @filmakrs #droneglobe ...

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@copterart Aegra6L Schwebewerk Edition with @theninjawerk Ninjagimbal. Also thanks a lot @gimbalninja for helping out as a dronetechnician on that job. ...

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always good to know where to point that camera 🎥➡ ...

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double check warm socks this week ✅ ...

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