What We Offer

We bring 7 years of cinematic drone operating experience to your project. We started our cinematic drone service when hardly anyone else did back in 2010.

Our Service includes state of the art technology. Since we are always eager to optimize our tools, we are developing a major part of our equipment inhouse.

Careful pre planning as well as aerial permission work are key elements of our service.

How it works

Tell us about your project. What kind of aerial shots do you have in mind? Simple establishing shots, car tracking shots or a complex sequence shot? The more details, the better.

We had the opportunity to realize all kinds of drone shots during the past 7 years and are always eager to combine your and our ideas into something new. You are also more than welcome to drop by for a coffee at our Berlin office and discuss your ideas with us.

Since there are 3D Models available for a lot of places, we are also able to simulate drone perspectives and focal lengths digitally with no effort.